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Taoist Way

        The purpose of Taoist is to immortalize the present physical body by providing techniques that are practiced by human beings to promote longer, healthier, happier, and wiser life.

        Taoism is science because it is based upon a detailed understanding of underlying physical, chemical, biological, mathematical, psychological, and political theories and laws. Science rests on the assumption that all events of the entire universe can be described by physical theories and laws. But the sciences studied in our universities deal with the material universe; they cannot deal with the spiritual or immaterial universes, which cannot be observed directly or indirectly through our senses. Taoism acknowledges that all elements of the universe are subject to the same physical theories and laws; therefore, the physical theories and laws of the material world are applied to the spiritual universe. Taoism is a complete science, and understanding of Taoism results in a complete understanding of teh entire (material and immaterial) universe.

        How the ancient Taoist incorporated the principles of philosophy, chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, etc, into a system called Taoism can be summarized by teh principles of Yin and Yang and the evolution of these principles into the sixty-four hexagrams. The Nei Ching states that "The entire universe is an oscillation of forces Yin and Yang." Yang is the causative, active, creative principle - life; Yin is the resultant, passive, destructive principle - death.

        The relativity of Yin and yang and the dynamic tension of their interaction are the basis of thought and expression in Taoism. Maintaining a balance between Yin and Yang results in perfect health of body, mind and soul.

The Taoist simplified the Yin and Yang symbol into a diagram thus:

        The Yin and Yang diagram is called Liang Yi, and through "evolution" it gives rise to a complex of symbols (trigrams and hexagrams) that embody a profound explanation of the nature of the universe and of the life contained within it. The Liang Yi symbolizes spiritual insights into a basic nature of the universe.

        Scientists have traced the complex organization of atoms into material objects. Taoists have traced the "evolution" of the Liang Yi into a "blueprint" of the universe; from creation through growth, maturity, decline, dissolution, and re-creation. The "evolution" into the universal blueprint is a three-step process. Eight trigrams are produced, and Taoists have assigned manifold attributes to each trigram to reflect such phenomena as: familial relations, cosmic phenomena, directional phenomena, and the Eight Pillars of Taoism.



Represents the Tao of Philosophy, which comprise political, family, military, economic, business, amour, and many other philosophies. The Great Tao



Represents the Tao of Revitalization (Internal exercises)


Represents the Tao of a Balanced Diet (regular daily food)


Represents the Tao of Forgotten Diet (Taoist Herbology)



Represents the Tao of Healing Art (acupuncture, acupressure, and other spiritual healing methods)



Represents the Tao of Sex Wisdom (Taoist Sexology)


Represents the Tao of Mastery (Personology, Fingerprint System, Numerology, Astrology, Directionology, and Symbology)


Represents the Tao of Success