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After twelve years of research and testing Dr. Chang developed a powder that is a composite of all the elements of the five Elements Theory. The result is that the efficacy of the powder is greater than that of acupuncture needles or any other single tool. The powder generates heat and siphons energy and nutrients to the various points that lie along the meridian, to stop pain and correct other problems. The powder, unlike needles, will not cause any pain, tissue damage or transmission of germs. The procedure for using Acupowder is simple. Scoop a bit of powder with the sharp end of a nail file and transfer the powder to the chosen points of the body. Use surgical tape to cover powder and surrounding area. The Acupowder will continue to work unceasingly for one or two weeks. At the end of this period, it can be removed or replaced easily. Since surgical tapes are waterproof, frequent baths or showers will not reduce the Acupowder's effectiveness.

Price: $49.50