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Chinese Herbal Formulas,Stephen Chang,Skin Care,Liniments,Ron Diana,herbs
Dr. Stephen T. Chang's Taoist Wisdom and Products
Herbal SuperNutrition

If you want to live, you must eat wisely. But eating wisely may not prevent you from becoming sick. Something is missing from the grocery-bought or common, regular foods. Yet if these inadequate or "weak" foods can support life, then... click here to continue.

New Year/Spring Festival

The Taoist practice pays attention to the change of seasons, which helps one stay in harmony with nature. We're now entering the season of the spring, which involves the sun rising, after being positioned underneath the earth during winter. This... click here to continue.

Allergy alert

This is allergy time. It is the time of the year for many to find the environment to be an constant annoyance, whether it is mold, pollen, pollution, for me in my are area where there is are a lot... click here to continue.

Can Dr. Chang's Forgotten Foods cure you?

Can Dr. Chang's Forgotten Foods cure you? Yes... ....I mean no, not really... ... sorry I just can't say. I have been seeing people for 25 years and doing consultations in Herbology. I get the picture. Chinese herbal formulas can... click here to continue.